Friday Haul

I stopped over at Duane Reade today to get Wild Berry, the other N.Y.C. Blushable Creme Stick from the Shock Value display, and see if the store had any new limited edition displays up. Just my luck, they did!

I saw the L’Oreal Passport to Paradise Summer 2010 collection that includes a couple of eyeshadow quads, Infallible lipglosses, bronzers and three nail colors which are supposed to be exact dupes for Essie’s North Fork collection. Water’s Edge, the aqua blue creme, seems to be the most coveted by MUAers and YTers but in person it was just “meh” to me. I was more attracted to Ocean Breeze, the bright sky blue creme polish. However, when I held the bottles against the back of my hand, both colors really accentuated the yellowness of my skin. There was a third powdered blue shade but that one didn’t even register with me. Maybe blues and greens just aren’t for me. If they’re still around in a few weeks/months and L’Oreal ever goes on sale, perhaps I’ll get Ocean Breeze.

The Revlon Daydreamer collection display was still mostly full. It includes pastel polishes, a new eyeshadow quad, and four new Super Lustrous lip glosses. There was one nail polish shade (Gray Suede) that I was interested in but it had been snagged already. No big loss. Revlon’s nail polish formula isn’t my favorite; I find it thin and streaky.

I was most excited to see that two new wet n wild displays had been added! One display contains new Craze nail polish shades with tropical names like Aruba, Copa, Cabana, etc.. There are six creme shades (pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange) and six corresponding shimmer shades. Each bottle contains 0.22 oz of product (the bottles are so tiny) and cost $1.99 each. You know I love my $0.99 Wild Shine polishes but I’m not a fan of the Craze polishes. I find the Craze formula thin and streaky, and the brush awkward to use; the cap is so large and the brush is so tiny. Pass.

ETA: Oh! One of the Craze polishes was a pretty pink shimmer (I forget the name) and I was really tempted to get it just for the color. But when I held it up I realized that it was almost the exact color as what was already on my nails: N.Y.C.’s Classic Coral Creme! So if you’re eying that same polish, skip it and get the 99 cent N.Y.C. dupe instead. As I said in an earlier entry, Classic Coral Creme isn’t a coral creme at all; it’s a pink shimmer.

There was also a special wnw display for their limited edition baked bronzers and eyeshadows. The eyeshadows are $1.99 each which is really reasonable but eyeshadows aren’t really my thing so I skipped them. I covet face products (blush/bronzer/highlighter)!! The two bronzer shades, Sizzle and Scorch, caught my eye and I got both ($3.99 each). Sizzle is the lighter bronzer that contains swirls of golden beige and copper; swatched, it’s the same color as a new copper penny. Scorch is the darker bronzer with swirls of peachy orange, pinky purple, and pinky beige; swatched, it’s a peachy red version of Sizzle. Both bronzers are very shimmery.

(Pics: Scorch on the left, Sizzle on the right.)

Next, I went to a second Duane Read and spotted a big counter display for Twilight nail polish. Yep, that’s right, Twilight. The display featured a group picture of all the movie characters. The bottles seemed to contain a decent amount of polish (compared to the wnw Craze) but, oh my, the tackiness. On the front of each bottle was glued a gray plastic shield/crest. It’s been awhile since I’ve read the books but did the Cullens have a family crest? I can’t remember. Whatevs. There was actually a rose pink shimmer shade that appealed to me but there wasn’t a price tag anywhere so I have no idea how much the polishes cost. There weren’t any SA nearby, the line for the registers was pretty long, and I didn’t want to wait on line just for a price check. I walked out without getting anything but I have a feeling these cheese-tastic polishes will be around next week.

After Duane Reade, I visited the beauty supply store to pick up a couple more Nicka K HD eyeshadows which I’ve raved about before. I’m really into “nude” eyes right now, and I was specifically looking for shades close to my skin color but just a tad lighter to use as a wash to brighten up my eyes. I picked up #3008, which is a matte, light, yellowy beige shade; and #3013, which is a shimmery, light, slightly peachy/pink, beige. Both are very smooth, very pigmented, and only $1.49 each. They’re seriously gorgeous and you need to check them out.

When I got home there was a package from Orly waiting in the mailbox for me. I’d won a bottle of Thorned Rose from an Allure giveaway. Yay! Thorned Rose is a deep raspberry polish. It’s my first ever Orly polish and I can’t wait to try it!