Mail Call: wet n wild

I’m sure by now you all know how much I love receiving freebies in the mail. Whenever there’s an offer, I jump on it right away. Free samples of shampoo/conditioner, free lip balms, free t-shirts: I love them all. But the thing I love to receive for free in the mail most of all is FREE MAKEUP. Imagine how happy I was to receive a package from wet n wild in the mail today! If you check out my sidebar to the right, you’d know that wet n wild is one of my favorite cosmetics brands. Love ’em!

I kind of had an inkling about what the package was about; not necessarily what was inside the package but WHY I was getting a package. Around the beginning of the year a few months back, wet n wild totally revamped their website to go along with the brand makeover (with all the new products and packaging). A few weeks before that, they informed people through their e-mail newsletter (which I’d signed up for previously) when to expect the new website layout to be unveiled. The day of the site relaunch I was there, and they had a special offer available: be one of the first 500 people to sign up as a VIP on the new site and receive a special gift. The offer also said that twice a year, these members would receive new wet n wild products before they hit the stores, as well as coupons for wnw products. I’m really looking forward to getting all those goodies!

Well, I finally received my free gifts today: a spiffy purple nylon makeup bag with the wet n wild logo all over it (me likey!) and one megalength mascara in Very Black. There’s also a little note card thanking me for becoming a wnw VIP on one side, and information about the megalength mascara on the the back of the card.

How did wnw know that I was in the market for a new mascara? LOL I’ve actually been wanting to try their mascaras for awhile but the reviews I’ve read have been kind of mixed, which is why I’ve just been going mascara-less since my Maybelline Full n Soft ran out over a year ago. Yeah, it’s been awhile.

I’ve mentioned before that I have very watery eyes so I’m a little scared to try wnw’s megalength since it’s “Very Black” and non-waterproof. I’m already picturing myself with big smudgy panda/raccoon eyes. Hopefully, it’s not that bad but I plan to wear it around the house and see how it goes first before going out in public with it. Gotta have some eye makeup remover on hand, just in case.

I was also just saying the other day how I needed another makeup bag so that’s another strange coincidence. I had planned on going to Target and getting another pencil bag from the $1 travel section. I already have a black one with skulls (it’s cuter than it sounds) that I found there and use to store my pencil liners, but I wanted another one to use as a makeup bag for my purse. However, either Target doesn’t sell them anymore or they were out of stock because there were none to be found the last time I went there. So wet n wild’s taken care of that little dilemma and saved the day. Say hello to my new makeup bag 😀