What’s Mimsy Eating?

These are just some of my food highlights from the past week. I made some fried rice last night and had the rest for lunch today. It’s just rice, eggs, Napa cabbage, edamame (young soybeans), and some leftover roast pork that I chopped up and added. Healthy and delicious.

Not so healthy is what I had to chase down the fried rice: chocolate blackout cake. It’s basically a big 3-layer brownie cake, frosted on the outside with a thick, chocolate pudding and inside between each layer. It’s a Cook’s Country/America’s Test Kitchen recipe (love them!) that can be found here. It’s free but you’ll need to register with a valid email address to view it.

I don’t think I’ll make the cake again. Making the pudding and layer cake was really time consuming, especially for me because I only have one cake pan so I could only bake one layer at a time. Also, the pudding needs 3 hours to cool, and each layer of the cake needs 1 hour to cool before you can assemble the whole cake. BTW: According to the recipe, half of one cake layer needs to be crumbled and applied to the frosted cake. If you’re wondering why the cake looks shaggy/furry, that’s why.