Initial Impression of Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Gel Cream Liner: I Love It!

I’ve been dying to try the PF Gel liners ever since they were released so when I saw that CVS was having a 40% off sale on all Physicians Formula products I had to take advantage of it.

I was in CVS, a package of the Gel trio for Brown Eyes in my hand, when I spotted the Special Value pack for Brown Eyes. The Value pack costs $14.99 and comes with both the gel liner trio as well as the Pop shadow/liner palette for brown eyes (I also saw Special Value packs for hazel, blue and green eyes). The gel trios alone usually retail for $10.95 each so the Value pack is an awesome deal. I ended up paying $7 (40% off + coupon).

I haven’t gotten a chance to use the Pop palette yet but I’ve been using the gel liners for the past three days and I have to say that I already love them more than all the other cream and gel liners in my collection (i.e. wet n wild creme liners, Bobbi Brown gel liners, Jane gel liner, L’Oreal HiP creme liner).

I have dry skin, non-oily eyelids, and super dry eyes that tear up throughout the day. I also have a crease/fold that rubs up against my lash line and usually smudges most eyeliners, so being smudge-proof and water-proof are qualities in eyeliners that are incredibly important to me.

Liners don’t smudge too badly on my right eye; however, when I look up, half of my lash line on my left eye disappears under the eyelid fold. It look like a hooded, almost monolid eye. So just by looking up and down throughout the day, lots of unintentional smudging happens. Here are a couple of pics of my (makeup-free) eyes so you can see what I’m working with.

I’ll try to update soon with swatch pics, etc.

My favorite eyeliner remains wnw’s H2O proof liquid because that stuff is indelible and can withstand watery eyes and the rubbing that happens on my wonky left eyelid. The PF gel liners, however, are the softest/creamiest, most smudge-proof and water-resistant gel/cream liners that I’ve ever used…even more creamy than my Bobbi Brown gel liners which, up until this point, were the creamiest liners in my possession.

When I dip the brush into a PF gel liner, there’s not much resistance; it’s so soft the brush sinks in and picks up the product so easily. You only need a little bit of product though because the pigmentation’s quite good. The best part is how easily the PF liner goes on. It literally glides on so effortlessly in one smooth stroke. It’s like BUTTAH, I tell ya!

The only downside is that at the end of the day there’s a bit of smudging and some of the liner’s bunched in the crease/under the fold of my left eye, but it’s so minimal. Considering the fact that I experience smudging/creasing with ALL of my pencil and gel/creme eyeliners, the Physicians Formula gel liners are the best by far.

With all that said, I still want to try the Maybelline gel liner because while the Physicians Formula gel liners are “water resistant,” the Maybelline gel liner is supposed to be “water-proof” according to the ads.


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