Spotlight on: N.Y.C. Lip Sliders Tinted Lip Balms – Part 2: Swatches – PIC HEAVY

Wow, ever since I posted my stash pics here and on MUA I’ve been getting lots of questions via e-mail about the N.Y.C. lip balms. Usually, the questions are about one or two shades so I was able to send off some quick replies but there have been quite a few requests for swatches of the entire range of colors.

Up until recently, the lighting hasn’t been ideal for taking pictures due to the dreary weather. Also, I had been sick and my lips were more chapped then normal. They’re still not in tip top condition but the weather’s been cooperating lately, so I figured why not? Just please excuse my prune-y lips.

Anyway…ask and you shall receive!

Please keep in mind that these are supposed to be tinted lip balms. By that I mean don’t expect them to have intense color payoff. At best, you’ll get a subtle wash of color. Worst, you’ll get a clear gloss. As such, if you’re looking for a modest amount of pigmentation, the only two colors that I wouldn’t recommend are Sugar Kiss and Sugar Fairy. On my not-so-very pigmented lips, both are nearly invisible.

Without flash:

With flash:

N.Y.C. Sugar Coated

My lips are pale to begin so you may not be able to tell (or maybe you can), but Sugar Coated makes my lips even paler and has a milky look to it. I think on more pigmented, rosy red lips, the milkiness would look really pretty.

N.Y.C. Sugar Kiss

In the tins and the lips, N.Y.C. Sugar Coated and e.l.f. Candy Fix look very similar. It takes a couple more layers of the N.Y.C. lip balm to achieve the same ever-so-slightly milky color that I get from Candy Fix but can you honestly see a difference? I can’t. In a normal situation – that is, not in extreme close-up – both look like clear glosses. In comparison, N.Y.C. Sugar Coated is paler and more milky than either Candy Fix or Sugar Kiss.


N.Y.C. Sugar Angel

In the tin/jar, N.Y.C. Sugar Angel and L’Oreal HIP Savory look kind of similar – they’re both corals – but swatched they look nothing alike. On the lips, L’Oreal HIP Savory is virtually invisible whereas N.Y.C. Sugar Angel provides a slight coral tint. I would say that the color payoff of the Korres Pomegranate and N.Y.C. Sugar Angel are comparable; Pomegranate is just slightly more pigmented and red.

 N.Y.C. Sugar Baby

N.Y.C. Sugar Baby, e.l.f. Cherry Bomb (it’s the red lip tin that’s partially cut off in the 1st pic), and L’Oreal Delectable all belong in the Red family but differ greatly in shades and intensity, at least on my arm. On the lips, however, all three give a similar cherry popsicle tint to the lips. (Think Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss in Cherries in the Glow) The Delectable Jelly Balm is definitely the most pigmented out of the three, with e.l.f.’s Cherry Bomb and N.Y.C.’s Sugar Baby running a close second and third.


N.Y.C. Sugar Fairy
Sugar Fairy looks like a clear gloss on me.




N.Y.C. Sugar Rush

All three balms fall in the Purple category. Sugar Fairy is pretty much clear on my lips and Luscious provides a subtle purple-y mauve tint. Sugar Rush is the most pigmented of the three, being the darkest/deepest and most purple out of them all. Can you tell from the lip swatch photo how Sugar Rush is just a smidge more blue-purple in tone?

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  1. >Thank you so much for the swatches. Yours were the best of all I've found. :o) My Dollar Tree has these so I picked up all 6. :o) Too bad they're discontinued they are now my favorite.

  2. >You're welcome! I'm glad you found the swatches helpful :DDon't you just hate it when great products get discontinued? That's what always seems to happen :(The NYC balms are great as daytime tinted balms/glosses but I really like them as a nightly lip treatment. I slather some on at night; in the morning, I take a damp cloth and gently scrub my lips, and my lips feel so incredibly smooth and moisturized.

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