Weekend Snack Roundup

Here’s a look at what I was noshing on this past weekend.

First up: An oldie but a goody. A rice cracker snack from Taiwanese brand Want Want called Shelly Senbei. I bought the extra large value pack that the Chinese supermarket had on display for Chinese New Year. Yeah, that was awhile ago but I stocked up! It’s a puffed rice cracker snack…totally different than the Quaker rice cake snacks (which I do love also). The Shelly Senbei are very uniform in texture and crispy, whereas Quaker rice snacks are kind of lumpy all over. They’re lightly seasoned with salt and MSG (yum! loves me some MSG) and then there’s a light sugar glaze on top (think Kellog’s frosted flakes). So it’s a frosted, slightly salty, crispy rice cracker. Trust me, it’s delish and totally addictive.

And, well, when I have something salty I have to follow up with something sweet. Anybody else like that? For instance, when I have a bowl of ice cream, I have to have some chips afterward. I can’t help it. Snacking just isn’t complete unless I have something savory to go with my sweets.

I’m not too sure who Tobi Tobin is…an interior designer, I believe, but his/her chocolates are so-so. I’m not a big fan of salt on chocolate, and there were plenty of those in the box with caramels inside. I thought the caramel tasted a bit off and was much too salty for me. But there were also a couple of big pieces of fudgy chocolate without any salt crystals on top that were very good.