Spotlight on: e.l.f. Super Glossy Lip Shine Spf 15

I know that everyone has a personal preference when it comes to lip gloss. Some people like a thin, almost watery/oily formula; others prefer a thick, sticky texture. Some prefer sheer colors, whereas others like a very opaque gloss, shimmers or even frosts.

For example, lots of people seem to love Rimmel Vinyl lip glosses. I own a few but I find the formulas much too thin and watery/oily for my liking, and I don’t think they have much lasting power either.

Then you have the people who love MAC lipglasses and lustreglasses. I own a few of these as well but I find the formulas much too thick and sticky. Yes, they last a long time but I can’t get past the glue-y feeling it gives my lips.

For myself, when it comes to glosses, I’m less concerned with finish and more interested in texture. I gravitate towards thick, but not sticky, glosses, sort of the middle ground between a thin, liquidy gloss like Rimmel Vinyl Lip with no longevity and a thick, sticky gloss that really lasts like MAC lipglass/lustreglass. I’m okay with sheers, shimmers, and opaque glosses but I’m not a big fan of frosts and glosses with chunky glitter.

I’ve come across a few drugstore and high end glosses that seem to meet my requirements and some of my favorites include: e.l.f. Super Glossy Lip Shines, NARS, Milani Crystal glosses, Bonne Bell Lip Lites, and Sally Hansen. In my opinion, these brands all make glosses that have a great thick texture. They’re dense and creamy without being sticky so they’ve got decent lasting power and good color payoff.

Since this blog entry is supposed to be about the e.l.f. Super Glossy Lip Shines, I’ll be focusing mainly on them this time around. I’ll try to post about my other faves down the line.

In my very humble opinion, the e.l.f. Super Glossy Lip Shine Spf 15 glosses are some of the best glosses. Period. That goes for high end and low end. If you’re someone who loves a thick, creamy, non-sticky gloss, like me, then you’ll probably love these glosses from e.l.f., too.

The Super Glossy Lip Shine color range is, admittedly, on the smallish side but they do offer sheers, more opaque shades, cremes, shimmers, and frosts. These products also contain sun protection – always a good thing – and for $1 each, the price can’t be beat. The Super Glossy Lip Shine comes packaged in a squeezy tube with a plastic, slant-tip applicator which I love. The only negative I can come up with is that these glosses smell like grape; more specifically, they smell like Dimetapp grape flavored cough syrup. I’m not a fan of the scent but I can live with it.

Here are some swatches of the Super Glossy Lip Shines in my possession.

From left to right (or top to bottom, depending on the pic): Candlelight, Goddess, Watermelon, Malt Shake, and Mauve Luxe.

Malt Shake is my favorite shade. Easily. Honestly, I would never have picked up this shade at all except for all the positive reviews and raves on MUA’s Productville and message boards. Girls, you were right! In the tube it looks like a rather blah shade: a neutral brownish pink with no shimmer whatsoever. Boring, right? On the lips, though, is where it comes to life. This is the perfect MLBB (My Lips But Better) color. My lips aren’t very pigmented and Malt Shake isn’t especially brown on my lips at all; it simply adds a boost of warmth and shiny, pinkish tint to my lips. Lovely. If you’re going to get anything from e.l.f. this is the item I recommend. Add it to your cart when you order online, or grab one when you’re at Target. I’ve even seen it at the Dollar Tree.

My next favorite shades are Watermelon and Goddess. Watermelon’s a medium shimmery pink. Don’t worry about the shimmer though, because it’s very fine and subtle and only adds to the shiny/glossy look of the gloss. Goddess is a shimmery, champagne-pink nude that I prefer to wear in the summertime when I’m a bit more tanned.

The other two shades I own are Mauve Luxe and Candlelight. I’ve only tried Mauve Luxe once and I feel like it’s a bit dark for me. It’s a shimmery brownish mauve. Candlelight is a shimmery champagne that is very similar to Goddess, but Goddess is more of a pink nude whereas Candlelight is more peachy nude. I’m not a big fan of Candlelight because it looks a bit too light and frosty on my skin.

UPDATE: I took some lip swatch pics of Malt Shake, my favorite “go-to” gloss (pictured above). I don’t know what’s up with my lips lately. They’re normally not very pigmented but they’ve been looking downright pale this past month. Blech!

I’ll try to do swatches of the other glosses when the weather and lighting are better, so stay tuned!