Nian Gao: Part 3 & New Year’s Follow Up

So I’ve shown you the Nian Gao raw and the Nian Gao cooked. Now for the pics of the Nian Gao the way I like it: battered and deep fried! Yum! As I said before, the contrast between the ever-so-slightly salty, crispy batter and the sweet mochi-like, glutinous interior is divine!

So let’s recap. First you make the nian gao batter and pour it into a pan to steam. After the nian gao has steamed and fully cooked, it’s cooled and refrigerated a few days. In this time, the nian gao hardens and dries somewhat. The next stop is to slice the now firm nian gao into whatever shape you want. You can cut them into triangles, rounds, etc., but for simplicity’s sake I sliced them into rectangles, as shown here. Next the slices are dipped into a batter, very similar to a tempura or pancake batter, and then deep fried until brown and crispy.

Well, those are the sweets. Now here’s the savory: turnip cakes. If you’ve seen my earlier post about taro cake and frying them up, it’s the same process. The cake is steamed, cooled, then sliced and pan fried. In the photos, the red bits are Cantonese style sausage, and the black-brown bits are Shiitake mushrooms. Check out the pics:


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