So this is what expensive smells like.

Just wanted to post some quick thoughts — if you’re looking for an in-depth review, this isn’t it — about some skincare items from La Mer and Nude that I was gifted with by family members. And, FTC, they are not affiliated with any of these companies. They didn’t want/need them so they passed them along to me because they know I’m crazy about stuff like this. By “stuff” I mean skincare since I’m constantly searching for good products for my super dry and finicky skin.

First, I used the Nude skincare stuff but not all at once, of course. I started off just using the cleansing oil for a few weeks, then gradually added items one at a time when I didn’t experience any adverse reactions. The items I was given include: Smoothing Body Refiner, Hibiscus Monoi, Cleansing Facial Oil (the bottle is a bit deformed because I accidentally stepped on it), Hydrating Water, Miracle Mask, Facial Scrub, Replenishing Night Oil, and Advanced Smoothing Complex. Overall, I think the Nude items are good but not good enough to motivate me to repurchase. I just didn’t experience any mind-blowing positive changes to my skin that would make me want to run out and continue buying these items. I’m perfectly satisfied, and feel like I get the same effects, using J&J Baby Oil and plain old rosewater (versus the Nude Cleansing Oil and Hydrating Water).

The one item that I was looking foward to using the most, and the one I ended up being the most disappointed by, was the Facial Scrub. As a person with very dry, often flaky skin, I really appreciate a good facial scrub. Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion and Dr. Brandt’s Microdermabrasion in a Jar would be at the top of my list of all-time favorite facial scrubs. They both have tons of super-fine, granular particles that help slough off every bit of dry skin. Love! In comparison, the Nude Facial Scrub doesn’t contain very many exfoliating particles, and the particles in it are smooth, tiny, rounded beads in a pudding-like base. Just imagine rolling a ball against your skin. You’re simply not going to get a good exfoliation using a smooth sphere versus something that’s more irregular and granular in shape. The Nude scrub simply didn’t do a thing for me. Pass.

One thing I should mention: the scent. With a few exceptions, I HATE fragrances and perfumes, especially in anything I’m going to put on my face. While the Nude items don’t make me want to hurl, I can’t exactly say I’m in love with their scent either. However, it’s a smell I could definitely live with since it’s neither overpowering nor long-lasting. To me Nude items smell like white lilies and cooking oil. You know me; I like being in the kitchen so I actually find the smell of cooking oil comforting.

Next up: La Mer. I received the Body Refiner, Body Lotion, The Mist, and Hand Lotion (not pictured). I was actually stunned speechless when I was given these since I know they’re quite expensive. Although I’d always wanted to give the brand a whirl, it was simply out of my price range. I’d rather put that amount of money towards the purchase of a new computer or digicam.

The main complaint I have about La Mer is the scent, which I find overpowering. “Smells like grandma” were the words that came immediately to mind when I tried the lotions and scrub. The products, in my opinion, smell cheap. They’re all rather intense in fragrance, like Coty loose face powder. I’m not saying that Coty smells like La Mer; they’re just both very strongly fragranced. I’m reminded of grade school afternoons when everyone’s grandmother would come to pick them up, and all the grandmothers smelled of Coty or generic floral/powdery perfume. Blech. Unlike Nude, La Mer’s scent is definitely something I CANNOT live with. As soon as I put the lotion on, I ran to the bathroom to wash it off with soap but the smell clung to my skin! Sorry I can’t give a very informative review about La Mer but I find their products literally gag-worthy.


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