What’s Mimsy Eating?

I guess this is the beginning a new series of posts I’ll be writing from now on. The reasons are twofold. Firstly, so I have something to write about and my readers have something to read. LOL Secondly, so I have a record of everything that I’ve eaten. I’m always looking for something new and interesting to eat and I often forget what I’ve eaten in a week/month/year’s time. If it’s something I like it’s no big deal. But if it’s something I’ve eaten before and hated, and I’ve forgotten I hated it so I buy it again, then that’s just a waste of my time and money. I really want to avoid eating crappy food twice 😛

Now on with the show!

Fried Dumpling

First up: fried dumplings. These aren’t the usual fried dumplings a.k.a. pot stickers. While they’re also savory dumplings, the outer layer of these particular dumplings are made from glutinous rice flour instead of a rolled-out flour-based, pasta-like dough. Furthermore, they’re deep fried for extra yumminess. You’d most likely find fried dumplings in a dim-sum restaurant or Chinese bakery (sold per piece). I bought this particular dumpling from Taipan Bakery in Flushing, NY for $1.

Open up!

I’ve tried quite a few fried dumplings (salty water feet 😉 ) in my day and, overall, the Taipan dumplings are pretty good. Others that I’ve tried aren’t fried for long enough and come out light golden, greasy and soft. The Taipan dumpling, in comparison, is fried to a medium golden brown, and has a nice crunch which is a lovely contrast to the chewy glutinous rice under the topmost crust. If you’ve ever had mochi, that’s basically the kind of texture of these fried dumplings (just imagine deep frying it until it’s crispy on the surface). The filling consists of savory ground pork, scallion, and minced dried shrimp. My only complaint is that the filling is a bit too heavy with the minced dried shrimp and it kind of overpowers the meat flavor. Still, it’s a tasty little snack and I’d recommend it.

Next: a new variety of instant ramen…err rice that I saw in the Asian supermarket. Whenever I see a new flavor or brand of instant noodle in the store I have to try it. This time was no different. As you can see, the product that I picked up is called Roasted Rice for Soup Kimchi Flavor, $1.49.

For a buck 50, I expected a lot. Usually, instant noodles range from $0.20-0.89, so this was quite pricey. The picture on the package made it seem really tasty but I was quite disappointed. Based on the packaging, I expected to get crispy pieces of puffed rice, crunchy kimchi in a tasty soup, but what I actually got is a bowl of spicy soup (not bad, but typical of Korean instant ramen), soggy rice, and tough vegetables that feel like wet pieces of paper in your mouth. This is something I would NOT recommend. If you’re looking for spicy instant soup, I would tell you to go for the Nong Shim Shin Noodle Ramyun.


Lasty, candy that I’ve been eating: the Marukawa variety pack of bubble/chewing gum, $0.99. I’ve tried all their flavors before in the past when I was younger but I was feeling nostalgic and picked this up on my last grocery run. The flavors don’t last long but they’re just so yummy I can overlook that. You get 4 gumballs per box of grape, strawberry, melon and orange. The Green Apple and Peach flavors are each single pieces of gum. I totally recommend these!