Spotlight on: Nicka K HD eyeshadows

I just wanted to draw attention to a fabulous brand/line of eye shadows that I don’t usually see mentioned: Nicka K’s HD (high definition) eye shadows. In NY where I live Nicka K products (lipsticks, gloss, eye liner, eye shadows, etc) can usually be found in random, independent (non-chain/franchise) beauty supply stores. The single eye shadow featured here today, #3015 (no shade name), was purchased for $1.49 (0.14 oz/4 g).

Please excuse the scratched up lid. I’ve been carrying it in my makeup bag and it’s a little worse for wear.

The Nicka K HD powder shadows are super pigmented and creamy smooth. Swatching the product for the first time, I almost did a double take because I just couldn’t believe that these were powder, not cream, shadows. They’re that soft and smooth.

#3015 is a gorgeous dark satin-y brown with a touch of shimmer. The pictures really don’t do it any justice and fail to capture the plummy undertones of the shadow. In real life, #3015 resembles the darker (no flash) pics more, though not quite as dark. There is absolutely NO chunky glitter, just a pretty sheen and hint of shimmer when applied. Swatches were done with ONE light swipe across the top of the eye shadow. That’s how pigmented these puppies are! These are uber pigmented!!!

EDIT: I’ve updated with new photos, and removed the old crappy photos. It was my own fault for not taking the snapshots in better lighting (daylight). The photos you see now more accurately represent the color you’ll get in real life. In the last swatch photo, you can actually see the light reflecting off of the super fine shimmer.

The HD line also includes very bright shades (shimmery white, hot pink, bright blues and purples), neutrals, a taupe-y shimmer, and a deep, dark black shade. I’m so pleased with #3015, and a few others I own, that I’m definitely going back to the beauty supply store for more. The taupe shade will be mine!


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