Review: ELF Mineral Lipstick – Natural Nymph

Natural Nymph

Natural Nymph

I purchased the ELF Mineral Lipstick in Natural Nymph directly from the ELF website. Usually, the Mineral Lipsticks are $5 each but there was a 75% off coupon code which I took advantage of, so I got a few lipsticks for only $1.25 each.

I would describe Natural Nymph as a nude, skin color shade with peachy pink tones. I’m really horrible at describing colors, so I’ve taken some photos and swatches which I think do a much better job of communicating Natural Nymph’s color.

I’m a fair-to-light skinned Asian gal (Chinese descent) with yellow undertones and fairly un-pigmented lips, and Natural Nymph shows up as a very pale pinky beige on me, with no shimmer whatsoever. The lipstick is pale and has a matte finish but it doesn’t cause that very dry and cakey effect on the lips that some matte lipsticks, or concealers-as-lip-erasers, can. Natural Nymph goes on sheer but its color can be layered and built up. I really like the Natural Nymph shade, which isn’t too dramatically different from my natural lip color; it tones down my lip color and gives me a “pale lip” look but without making my lips look dead or really chapped.

I’ve come across reviews on the internet comparing Natural Nymph to concealer. I don’t think it looks like concealer on my lips, at least none that I’ve ever used. Here’s Natural Nymph alongside stick concealers in my stash:

Natural Nymph and Concealers

Natural Nymph and Concealers

Natural Nymph and Concealers

Natural Nymph and Concealers

As you can see, Natural Nymph is much more pink than the other concealers which are more yellow, more white, or more peachy orange.

But if you think Natural Nymph might be too pale for you, here it is in comparison to the pinker and second lightest shade, Runway Pink (or Runaway Pink as it’s named on the actual l/s label):

Runaway Pink/Natural Nymph

In my opinion, the best part of these lipsticks is their texture, which I find very smooth and reminiscent of lip balm. Of the drugstore lipsticks I’ve tried, I think the ELF mineral lipsticks are most similar to the Cover Girl TruShine lipsticks in terms of texture (not finish — TruShines are very shiny/glossy). However, in my opinion, the ELF lipsticks are much better than the TruShines because they don’t dry out my lips when I use them. The TruShines have great texture and some nice shades but I have dry/sensitive skin and I’ve noticed that whenever I use the TruShines, my lips start developing dry, bumpy patches which is why I can’t use the TruShines on consecutive days or very often. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen to me with the ELF lipsticks.

And in case you’re wondering what real concealer actually looks like on my lips, I’ve taken a photo of my lips with N.Y.C. Cover Stick in Light on top of them.

WARNING: it’s not pretty. Sorry about the mess. I just slapped it on.

Concealer Lips! Ack!

You can see how deathly white and pale it looks, and how it makes my lips look so much drier with no shine whatsoever. This is what I call super matte! In comparison Natural Nymph is not such a drastic, dry looking, flat matte.

Would I repurchase this lipstick? Yes, but only if ELF was still running a 75% sale and I was planning a large haul to avoid having to pay shipping fees. Otherwise, even at a reduced price of $1.25, if you have to pay $6.95 shipping it’s not really worth it in my opinion. But, hey, I’m cheap. I think $8.20 ($1.25 sale price + $6.95 s/h) for a low-end lipstick is kind of expensive when drugstores offer similar quality lipsticks for under $8 and BOGOF. Overall, though, I really like the ELF lipsticks and find myself reaching for them quite often.


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  1. >They're actually not that bad, especially for only $1.The elf all over cover sticks are decent as an eye shadow primer and concealer but the trick to them is you can only use a very, very small amount because they WILL crease and look cakey if you use too much.The coverage is actually really good and the consistency's pretty smooth and creamy if a bit thick. I would say the finish is pretty matte.I'm not in love with them but I like them. I don't reach for them all that often but in an emergency it's a nice multi-task product to have around.

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