ELF Mineral Lipstick swatches and mini-review

These lipsticks usually cost $5 each but I took advantage of ELF’s 75% Mineral makeup sale and purchased 4 lipsticks for $1.25 each (plus $6.95 standard shipping). I got Natural Nymph, Runaway Pink, Nicely Nude and Rosy Tan. I’m very pleased with all the lipsticks I bought. The texture is very smooth, moisturizing and lip balm-like. If you’re familiar with the Cover Girl TruShine lipsticks, I think the ELF are very similar in texture. Among the 4 shades I own, Nicely Nude is the only lipstick with shimmer. The rest of the lipsticks have a creme finish. All of the lipsticks go on sheer but the colors are all buildable.

ELF Mineral Lipsticks

ELF Mineral Lipsticks


6 thoughts on “ELF Mineral Lipstick swatches and mini-review

  1. >oops, sorry about that. I intended the hidden message for someone else (someone I found out was stealing my images on another site). I guess I forgot to update the html on my blog when I did that. Everything should be fixed now.

  2. >Well, your swatch pics sure are good, no wonder they wish to snatch them. It really puzzles me that on the pic Runaway Pink seems less pink then Nicely Nude… The only e.l.f. mineral lipstick color that seemed like made for me was Rosy Raisin, on this pic Rosy Tan sees to be it's slightly darker sister.

  3. >lol, thanks :)Nicely Nude is a bit of a misnomer. I don't consider it a nude lipstick in the "concealer lips" sense. It's quite pink and pretty similar to Runaway Pink. Runaway Pink is just the slightest bit cooler (more of blue-pink tone) with a matte finish. Nicely Nude is a warmer pink with a slight glossy finish. I'm actually planning on re-taking the swatch pics outside in daylight. My older swatch photos (from 2009) were taken with a different camera and I think it failed to capture the finishes of lip products and subtleties in different shades.

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