Street Meat!

Little Morocco Kofta Kebab over Rice

Little Morocco Kofta Kebab over Rice

My new lunchtime obsession? Finding the best street meat in NYC.

What the heck is street meat, you ask? Generally, it’s lamb, beef or chicken that meets halal standards that’s seasoned with Middle Eastern or Indian spices (or in the case of Little Morocco, Moroccan spices). They’re little pieces of chopped up, savory goodness that are sauteed with mixed veggies, and served over rice with a side of salad. The whole thing is then smothered with a yogurt/mayo sauce and hot sauce. Of course, you can choose to pass on the sauce(s). You’ll find vendors selling street meat out of their carts on virtually every street corner in Manhattan.

When, a fantastic resource for finding cheap eats in NYC, posted that the Little Morocco was the new best street meat cart in midtown, my interest was piqued. When I saw the photos of the food, I started drooling. I jotted down the address and made up my mind to find this cart ASAP.

The cart was pretty easy to find. It was the only cart located on it’s particular corner (on 39th and 7th) and had a sign up making it easily distinguishable from other nearby carts. The Little Morocco cart also displayed a sticker directly to the right of the window, proudly declaring it’s recommendation, which I thought was amusing. I’m sure I wasn’t the only person who tracked down the cart based on ML’s glowing review.

Instead of making my typical order of chicken over rice, I decided to venture outside of my box. I went with the kofta kebab, which is seasoned beef meat balls, served with lots of sauteed onions over white rice. Every order also comes with a salad of sliced tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers crammed into the box, and a mixture of red, black and garbanzo beans (chick peas). They’ll ask you if you want white sauce (thinned out mayo, I think) and hot sauce. I asked for both.

My first bite and I was in heaven. I allowed my sister and mother to each have a few bites. Mom can’t stand the way street meat has yogurt /white/mayo sauce poured all over the top — she says it makes the whole thing look like garbage — but even she couldn’t resist the appetizing aroma. My mom and I like spicy foods but we didn’t think the hot sauce was spicy at all; and my sis has a low tolerance for all things spicy, and she didn’t even feel a tickle on her tongue. However, based on the outstanding flavor, we all gave the place the thumbs up. It’s definitely the best street meat I’ve tried so far. Definitely better than Kwik Meal, in my opinion, and at $5 you get more bang for your buck. Kwik Meal’s meals are skimpy by comparison, and never fully satisfy my hunger. And I’m not a big gal (120 lbs, 5’7″).

Behold the tastiness!