Back by popular demand!

Are there snacks from your childhood that you remember fondly but which have since been discontinued? Snacks that you wish the manufacturers would bring back?

O”Boisies potato chips were a snack that I happily munched on in elementary school. They were something that I remember my mom packing in my lunches everyday, along with a sandwich, Capri Sun drink, and a baggie of fresh fruit pieces (usually apple slices).

The resurrection. Its alive!

The resurrection. It's alive!

Back in the 80s, you could find O’Boisies in just about every supermarket, right alongside the Doritos, Lays and Wise chips. One day they were everywhere; the next day, they disappeared never to be seen again. Or so I thought…

This past weekend, I went to the Dollar Tree (one of my new favorite places to shop, btw) re-stocking on soda – where else can you get a 3 liter bottle of soda for only $1 – when I decided to quickly stroll down the snack aisle before heading to the checkout lane. “Quickly” because there isn’t usually anything new to be found in the snack aisle. However, the Dollar Tree is a mysterious place, with an ever-changing inventory of goodies, and you never really know what you’ll find on each trip. Sure, you might have to wade through a whole lot of junk but you’ll almost always find a hidden gem mixed in there. I’m always making fabulous new discoveries at the Dollar Tree!

Well, I saw the usual Utz line of chips, some random flavors of Wise chips and Nacho Bugles, Randolph brand onion rings, and popcorn. The same old same old. However, this time, on the uppermost shelf, almost out of my line of sight, were a few boxes of chips in an unfamiliar packaging. When I stepped closer, what did I see but the long lost favorite chips of my childhood! The O’Boisies chips have been resurrected! Hallelujah!

The store had 3 flavors available: Original, Sour Cream and Cheddar, and Jalapeno Cheddar. I don’t really care for the taste of Jalapeno, so that was out. I really wanted to try the Sour Cream Cheddar flavor but it was just out of reach…maybe next time…so I settled for Original.

Back by popular demand. Damn straight!

Back by popular demand. Damn straight!

I brought them home and immediately started snacking. I resisted opening the bag in the back in the car. Yay for self-control! Honestly, they’re not quite as I remembered but they’re still tasty. The chips are saltier, and a lot thicker and harder/crunchier (rather than crispy) than I recall, but they still have that characteristic bubbly texture. Maybe that’s because the chips are no longer produced by Keebler as they once used to be, but by a company called The Inventure Group in Arizona. Or maybe it’s because my memory’s hazy (hey, I was 8-10 yrs old at the time!)

Don’t be fooled by the Original flavor label; these aren’t your plain salted Lays or Wise chips. They’ve got salt, but are flavored with garlic powder and onion powder as well. Yummy.

Another great Dollar Tree find! You can bet I’ll be heading back for more!

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