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May 27, 2016

NYX Butter Gloss – Madeleine & Tiramisu

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NYX Butter Gloss – Madeleine & Tiramisu

My local CVS carries a small selection of NYX products. I’ve tried several of their face products but, aside from a couple of chubby lip pencils from ages ago, I don’t believe I’ve ever used any of their lipsticks or lip glosses before. I thought it was about time I rectified that.

For the past few weeks CVS has been running a 25% off promo on NYX, so I decided to grab two of the more nude/neutral NYX Butter Gloss (on sale $3.47 each, regularly $4.99 each) shades from the select few they had on display.


May 17, 2016

Nature Republic Natural Butter Lip Balm – Strawberry & Grapefruit

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Nature Republic Natural Butter Lip Balm – Strawberry & Grapefruit

In a previous blog post I mentioned buying two of the limited edition EXO Natural Butter Lip Balms ($6.90 each) from a newly opened Nature Republic store in Flushing. I believe there are 9 flavors in total representing each of the members of the kpop boy band EXO. The ones I own are Chanyeol/Strawberry and D.O/Grapefruit.

I’ve been using the lip balms off and on for the past few weeks and I have to say, much to my chagrin (it’s a bit embarrassing to be using boy band inspired makeup), that I really like them. The actual products are rather nice.


May 16, 2016

CVS Haul

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Grabbed a few items from CVS a few days ago.

  1. e.l.f. Matte Lip Color in Coral ($3) I’m not the biggest fan of matte lips but I remember hearing positive things about this line of lipsticks.
  2. NYX Butter Gloss in Madeleine (on sale 25% off for $3.47, normally $4.99) Everyone’s raved about this line of glosses for years but this will be my first time using one. I have high hopes.
  3. Stridex Alcohol Free Maximum Pads (2/$5 or $5.99 per box) What’s going on with Stridex? Are they getting rid of the red box pads because I love them and I’d be sad to see them go. They’re always hard for me to find but when I could find them they used to be $4.49 for a box of 55 pads, then they were 70 pads per box, then 90 pads per box, and now they’re 110 pads per box for $5.99 (or 2/$5 at CVS). The price has barely gone up but the quantity they give you has doubled and availability has decreased. Is demand for the product so low that they’re trying to entice people into buying it by offering more pads per box? I hope this isn’t a sign that they’re going to be discontinued soon because I’ll have to stock up.
  4. Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers (on sale $2 with $2 ECB, normally $2.99) Have I been living under a rock? Why have I never heard of these until just recently? If you love gummi worms and Sour Patch Kids, you’ll love these because the Sour Brite Crawlers are the perfect combination of the two. The flavors are a bit different but they offer the chewiness I love in gummi candies and the sour kick I crave from Sour Patch Kids. The only downside is some of the worms occasionally clump together and I have to separate them piece by piece but it’s so worth it. I polished off an entire 8 oz bag in a day. So addictive!


May 14, 2016

Ikea Cream Cake with Marzipan – Bakelse Prinsess

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Ikea Cream Cake with Marzipan – Bakelse Prinsess

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged about food but besides makeup it’s one of the things I’m really passionate about. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m a foodie but I like to eat and try new foods and I like when other people (e.g. beauty vloggers and bloggers) share what they’re eating or snacking on at the moment. It’s a good change of pace from the usual beauty talk and it oftentimes exposes me to new foods that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

I live relatively close to an Ikea store and although I’ve never dined in their cafeteria/restaurant (usually too much of a madhouse to even consider) I’ve browsed through their little market a few times. There’s this soft farmer’s cheese they sell that I sampled once that’s really tasty and I’ve thought about buying but it’s over $20 for a 2-lb block and I don’t know if I’d be able to finish it before it started to dry out or get moldy. I’ve also tried their chocolate bars which are way too sweet for my liking and which I wouldn’t recommend. Then there’s this cute little pink cake that I’ve wondered about for the longest time and which I finally decided to buy from the market. It used to be that you could buy it from their cafeteria but now I think you can only buy it from their market. It’s called Bakelse Prinsess or Cream Cake with Almond Paste. A box of 4 of these frozen cakes costs $5.99.


May 13, 2016

NYX Gotcha Covered Concealer – Light

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NYX Gotcha Covered Concealer – Light

If you’re a fan of thick, creamy and pigmented yet moisturizing concealers like Tarte’s Maracuja Creaseless Concealer or IT Cosmetics’ Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer but want a cheaper  alternative then you need to check out NYX’s Gotcha Covered Concealer. It’s the closest drugstore option I’ve found that not only mimics the texture but also finish of those concealers.

I purchased mine at Target for $5.99.


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