It Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness

After watching YouTube guru after YouTube guru rave about the awesomeness of Bye Bye Redness, my interest was piqued and I purchased a jar of my own directly from It Cosmetics’ website late last year during their Cyber Monday sale. After using it consistently for several months, I have to say it’s truly one of the most transformative products I’ve ever come across and if I had to pick my Top 3 It Cosmetics products they would be, in no particular order, the Bye Bye Under Concealer, Vitality Face Disc and Bye Bye Redness (0.37 fl oz, $32). That’s just how unique and impressive it is in my humble opinion.

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Random Food Purchases

Graze Subscription Box

Just wanted to share some random snack food/junk food purchases I’ve made in the past couple of months.

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NYX HD Concealer – Fair

NYX HD Concealer – Fair

NYX’s HD Concealer has been on my shopping list for the longest time so during’s last sale I finally purchased a tube in the shade Fair (0.11 fl oz, $4.99).

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Going Natural/Cruelty Free?…Collective Haul For The Month Of August


I’ve never considered myself an activist in any sense of the word and I’ve never had particularly strong beliefs philosophically, politically, socially, religiously, ethically, what have you, about anything and I still don’t. I know it’s a huge concern to some but I don’t really care if makeup ingredients are sustainably sourced and cruelty free. And I’m not too worried about man-made cosmetics ingredients being harmful to my health. When it comes to makeup, all I care about is how well a product performs and how much it costs. If I were to find out tomorrow that unicorn tears were harvested in the production of my favorite concealer it wouldn’t weigh too heavily on my mind. Just saying.

I don’t want you to mistakenly believe that I made these purchases because I decided to go green one day or for any other lofty reason. No, I was simply searching for makeup that’s good for dry skin and I believe I’ve found some. It just so happens that they’re either all natural and/or cruelty free too.

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Random Liquid, Gel and Cream Blush Swatches

Josie Maran Everlasting Honey, Josie Maran Poppy Paradise, Sonia Kashuk Charmed, Sonia Kashuk Enchanted, Benefit Benetint

Out of all of the cream blushes that have a wetter, more hydrating consistency (i.e. not counting those that come in a solid stick or pressed compact form), these five were all that remained in my collection after another major purge a couple of weeks ago. I’ve actually narrowed it down even further since then. Now all that’s left are the two Sonia Kashuk blushes but before I got rid of the others I snapped some pictures because I thought it might be helpful to see the different colors and finishes on skin.

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